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Services for members

Our cooperative company offers several services for its members, among which we highlight the following:

Credit Department:

This department focuses on all the payments and incomes made to and from the company, with members, employees, clients and suppliers, as well as it guides the activity of the Cajamurcia office, entity that since 1998 located a financial office and an ATM on our facilities, operated by Coato staff. With this office our members and employees have access to different financial services and products that our Credit Department is unable to offer.

Technical Service:

This service was created with the aim to offer our members an individual technical counseling by making a follow-up and control of their farms. It also provides a total counseling for the management of support and grants, as well as a service for the hiring of land insurances and other services for members and their farms.

Supplies shop:

With this service we offer our members the necessary counseling to use the most appropriate treatments and fertilizers on their crops, promoting at all time the usage of applications with low environmental impact, orientating these to the utilization of means and techniques less and less harmful and focused on integrated and organic agriculture. Such activity, which was started with the aim to provide plants and fertilizers necessary for our members’ crops, has nowadays been extended to the obtainment of seeds and plants, irrigation facilities, plastics and mesh, and other elements needed to offer our members a range wide enough to cover great part of the needs of their crops. It counts with a specific warehouse storing the equipment and it is provided with control and safety systems needed for this type of activity according to the requirements of the current environmental regulations.

Fuel stations:

 Self-service petrol station with A diesel fuel, Diesel B, biodiesel and gasoline.

Training activities:

 We offer our members and employees a continuous training service to improve their activity. For this, COATO has 3 classrooms.

Cafeteria and restaurant:

COATO counts with a cafeteria-restaurant and two canteens for members and employees.

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