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COATO counts with a wide range of products having been processed with raw materials cultivated by our members and collaborators and that are made by hand by us or some of our associated or clients.

Among these products we highlight our nougats, blocks of dried figs and Datil breads with almond; the “mantellina”, a liqueur whose main ingredient is honey; conventional and organic jams with an extense variety of flavors; “Gazpacho”, tomato sauce and organic juices made with fruits and vegetables from our farms. Wine from our members’ vineyards.  Crisp Andalusian flatbread and breadsticks with olive oil and paprika. Different types of olives, as well as pickles and artichokes. Caramels containing ingredients from our own productions of honey and lemon. Sobrassada (raw cured sausage) and cold meat obtained from an autochtonous breed of pig, processed in a traditional way with our paprika with Denomination of Origin of Murcia. Organic goat cheese from the farms of our associated and that are traditionally processed by adding some of our raw materials as extra-virgin olive oil, almond, paprika, etc., obtaining this way original and distinct flavors.

We also dispose of products of natural cosmetics focused on body and facial care, and products based on almond oil, extra-virgin olive oil and honey from organic crops.

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