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COATO is located in the Guadalentin Valley, an area that due to its climate and soil conditions produces the greatest part of paprika in Murcia that is undoubtedly of the best quality in this Region, a region that for over one hundred years has supplied the greatest amount of sweet paprika consumed both in Spain and Europe. 

Our condition as producers included in the register of Denomination of Origin of the Paprika of Murcia, with hundreds of plantation hectares, allows us to guarantee that our product is obtained from the most traditional procedures as, for instance, sun dehydration and manual picking, and that the origin and sanitary conditions of the product are guaranteed and that it is ball peppers, produced only in Murcia and of which Denomination of Origin we are undoubtedly the main suppliers. 

We also produce organic paprika cultivated without using synthesis chemical products but using organic fertilizers to obtain a natural product and keeping the fertility of the soil and respecting the environment.

The modern facilities and equipment used for the milling and transformation of the paprika allow us to obtain, in a reduced period of time, the widest range of qualities and specifications required by our clients.

The quality control of the product starts at the production process and continues during the washing and disinfection previous to the dehydration, the reception and milling that, together with the natural steam sterilization system offer a product with the highest guarantee of hygiene and sanitation.

The quality controls are made in our own laboratory and checked and guaranteed by high-level laboratories that are internationally approved.

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