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The marketing of honey through our group companies started at the end of the 90′s with a small number of beekeepers that wished to sell their product together in bulk to be able to defend it appropriately basing the offer through an organisation allready established. What started with a few tons of honey and ten beekeepers changed after some years into several tens of beekeepers and a production volume that represent about 50% of the honey obtained in the Region of Murcia.

 Nowadays different types of honey are produced as, for instance, eucalyptus, orange blossom, rosemary and a thousand flowers, and other sold both in bulk and packed from 40 gr to 5 kg.

 Our honey is a product that is heated only to elliminate impurities and filtered, without applying any other physical or chemical process that may change its properties. Therefore it is a totally natural products without any kind of additives.

 For more information: [email protected]

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