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Our state as producers allows COATO to run a strict control that starts at the production process (seeds, soil and water quality control, cultivation techniques, plant treatments, harvesting procedures, etc.) and that continues with the technical service, reception, quality control, pre-cooling, handling and packing of the products to assure the consumer they have been obtained with maximum respect for the environment and have reached optimal quality levels.

The quality control made at the reception of the product in the store and its confirmation before being sent for sale, is a guarantee of that the product has been obtained by natural procedures and responds to the quality and packing commercially required and according to the most demanding international food procedures and protocols.

A large team of people with a specialization level obtained due to an extensive experience, and modern facilities and equipment for the handling and producing of the products, allow us to perform a production adapted to the specifications required by the consumer.

Our commitment as a company is to offer a quality product with a wide range or variety of fruit and vegetable products and under the premise of a service adapted to our clients’ needs.

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