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In 1999 we included in our facilities an oil press for the production of virgin olive oil.

The training of the associated agriculturists and their awareness of the importance of cultivating and harvesting an olive with an optimal state of ripeness and perfectly preserved after its harvest and transport being transformed in our oil press in a reduced period of time, which guarantees that the oil always will keep the characteristic aroma and flavor of the olive have been very important aspects for the production.

For the elaboration process of the oil we count with the most advanced production systems, exclusively mechanical or physical, and with strict control and quality criteria that allow us to offer a product with an intense flavor, color and aroma.

Our supply range of the product goes from its sending in bulk to its packing in three types of materials: glass, can and Pet in different formats that go from 40cc to 5.000cc and types of oil as varietal “Arbequine”, organic or different types of coupage. We also produce a small amount of oil from a first extraction cold that is the essence of the oil, and which is very well regarded by specialists and gastronomic experts and gourmets.

We also process organic virgin olive oil from our members’ lands.

The organic virgin olive oil is the one obtained from an authorized oil press and that comes from cultivated olives without using synthesis chemical plant products or chemical fertilizers, but using other cultivation techniques that guarantee that the oil from these olives has no pesticide residues or other components being harmful to the consumers. Moreover, it is cultivated respecting the environment where the crop is located.

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