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COATO is a company that counts with more than 17.000 hectares of almond-trees, mainly located in the Regions of Murcia, Andalucia, Castilla La Mancha and the Valencian Community. In the Region of Murcia, which is the main area for almond production, the area and production integrated in COATO is about the fourth part of the total of this Region. 

It is important to highlight our reconversion work from conventional almond cultivation farms to organic agriculture and that suppose about 2/3 of the total area of such cultivation, which positions COATO as the most important Spanish and European company in terms of organic almond cultivation extension.

Our condition as production, transforming and marketing company allows us to guarantee the supply of the offered product, to control and follow-up the production through a large technical team that guides the process of restructuration of the plantations to varieties more resistant to the cold and commercially more appropriate. We also provide counseling on different cultivation techniques to be improved as well as on the use of plant treatments that are less and less agressive and more environmentally friendly.

The quality control of the product starts at the moment of reception and is maintained during the different process stages, being stated at the moment of the dispatch of the goods from our stores.

Our company counts with a qualified and specialized team and modern facilities and equipment to offer the widest range of almond products: from the unpeeled almond, peeled almond to all kinds of almond preparations (fillets, sticks, granule, flour, almond oil, etc), all this applied to the variety and size of almond required by the client. Both organic and conventional, as well as almond oil. Without forgetting the packing, toasting or fried in olive oil process of any kind of almond. We are able to offer volume, variety, continuity, quality and service for a wide range of almond products, and in whatever format the client requires.

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